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Dive Site: Waterlily Trench

In the northwestern corner of the lagoon lies the entrance to the waterlily trench.
This area lies between the shore and the Light Cave and is hence rather shallow.
Water lily leaves will push over the trench, especially from the shore side. Therefore you have to dive  as deep and as quietly as possible to avoid stirring up sediment in the area of the water lilies with your fins.
The areas with roots are protected by tall rocks, but if you bring your fins up too high, some will reach the water lilies.
Camera position: In front of the two cave entrances
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Have fun exploring the scuba park which at this point was still dry.

The winding trench begins in a corner of the lagoon.
The floor of the trench lies 3m beneath the water.
To the right is the Light Cave.

After about 20m the cave entrance can be seen.
There are two entrances to the Light Cave there, swim straight ahead.
Blick aus der Höhle in den Graben