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Sunken ships are high on the wish-list of many scuba divers. Therefore we procured an old canal boat that was originally used as a generator ship for construction sites. We built a wheelhouse onto the 13m long boat so as to make it look like a proper ship.
The ship was then sunk in the middle of a mediatic spectacle. That was more difficult than it seemed in the beginning. Because of the latrine, the ship is asymmetrical. It was clear that it would sink sideways and turn over on the way down, perhaps landing on its roof. After the first sinking for the media, we drained the lake again to finish some construction work. We sealed the ship again, put it afloat and, because it was so nice the first time, sunk the ship a second time.

Camera position: Superstructure in the bow area.
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Have fun exploring the scuba park which at this point was still dry.

On the way to the lake the 9-tonne ship hangs between excavator and wheel loader.
Then it is brought to the planned sinking spot.
The media reported on this rare event.

The 'Captain' stays on board: NaturaGart CEO Norbert Jorek sinks with the boat.
Sinking begins, the boat is a bit lopsided.
Water slowly begins to flood, the ship begins to list heavily.

This is the crucial moment: The boward sideplate is flooded.
Water floods the ship quickly, it lists even more.
10 seconds later water floods into the interior through the windows.

Then the lake flows through the ship like a rampaging stream.
The boat lists ever more and threatens to capsize...
These are the crucial seconds for the air bags under the cabin roof.

The buoyancy of several cubic metres of air straightens the ship up again.
The old canal boat glides down into the depths, bow first...
...and lands nearly exactly on its intended spot 5m below.

There are three rooms, all of which are well illuminated...
...additionally, Germany's most photographed latrine.
Bow and stern have the usual superstructures.

The wheelhouse: 3 emergency exits offer safety.
View to the bow: All doors and portholes are welded.
All sharp edges are boarded up.