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Dive Sites: The Entry/Exit Area

If you planned just 5 minutes for every site, then 70 minutes will have passed by now.
Carefully check your condition!
Because of the shallow depth there is usually enough air left at the end of the dive.
Hypothermia is a much bigger problem for many.
Also, diving depth has varied quite a lot. At shallow depths the changes in pressure are relatively greater than 10m deeper!
Toward the end the dive becomes shallower and from our point of view this is the right moment to end it.

Camera position: Slope above the gorge during flooding.
You can pan the above panorama using the mouse. Click and hold the left mouse button and move the mouse pointer right, left, up or down to pan the image. In the lower navigation bar you can use the + and - buttons to zoom in and out of the image.
Different and larger panoramic images can be found under 'Panoramas' in the menu to the left.
Have fun exploring the scuba park which at this point was still dry.

From the wreck's stern you can easily reach a gap in the rock.
You are now back in Balcony Bay. Keep the wall to your left...
...and after about 15 metres you'll reach the gorge.

Stay left, the bottom on the gorge slowly ascends.
The rock walls open up and you are back where you started.
Do your safety stop in the area of these boulders.