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Dive Sites: The Gorge The gorge stretches through the middle of the underwater park.

The ground descends gently at first, then becomes steeper. The rock walls converge to about 4m width. They are mostly about 6-7m high and later water lilies will grow on their tops. Their leaves will push over the sides of the gorge, intensifying the sensation of narrowness. Light will enter through the gaps between the leaves and the centre area that will remain free to make for an experience that will be difficult to find in this form in free range waters. Large fish, such as sturgeons, come into the gorge because the structure of the ground is ideal for these species. The large rocks were placed by our bulldozer. Because the large machines cannot turn around there, placing them was slightly more complicated than normal. At about 4m we then placed smaller rocks by hand. The gorge goes through the centre of the lake. It is therefore an important point of orientation, for example if a dive has to be interrupted. You will always find the gorge and thus the quickest way back.

Camera position: In the middle of the gorge in front of the opening to Balcony Bay.

You can pan the above panorama using the mouse. Click and hold the left mouse button and move the mouse pointer right, left, up or down to pan the image. Use the + and - buttons in the navigation bar at the bottom to zoom in and out of the image. Different and larger panoramic images can be found under 'Panoramas' in the menu to the left. Have fun exploring the scuba park which at this point was still dry.

The narrowing gorge intensifies the sensation of diving downward.
The rock walls reach upward 5-6m. Later on water lilies will narrow the lighted gap.
After about 30m you arrive at some rocks. A small tunnel to the left leads into