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This dive site consists of a triangular valley whose eastern edge is formed by a slope of scree that stretches down into the deep. The other cliffs fall about 6m vertically down.

From the floor of the valley several pillars rise nearly all the way up to the surface. They contain mini caves that can be visited. Some pillars stand next to the cliffs forming 1-2m wide gaps.

The ground is covered with boulders. The hollows are ideal for fish such as eel, but also for crabs etc.

Camera position: At the valley's exit
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Have fun exploring the scuba park which at this point was still dry.

The exit from the eastern cave lies above Rock Valley like a balcony.
The whole landscape initially looks rather confusing - that was done on purpose.
The ground is covered with boulders. Ideal hiding places for fish.

Toward the shore the slope becomes steeper and forms countless cracks.
The rock pillars rise from the debris.
These pillars are a special highlight in this valley.

The aerial image shows the distribution of the pillars.
The platforms at the surface are planted with water lilies.
Nearly all the pillars have hollow spaces.

Here they look like blocks of coral with gaps.
The miniature caves are usually located in the upper part of the pillars...
...and are therefore often overlooked by divers.

The features of Rock Valley become clearer...
...when they are illuminated in the dark.
A strange fantasy landscape was created.

This makes for very diverse diving experiences.
The pillars are complemented by narrows crevices and arches...
...where light and shadow change within a small space.

You dive in bright sunlight...
...and then in the shadow of a cliff...
...and experience ever new light effects.