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Dive Site: Cave of Lights

The most striking part of the Light Cave is a large hall that is 40m long, up to 8m wide and 5m high. The hall has a large hole in the ceiling as an emergency exit. A few metres away there are further emergency exits to the sides. These are mostly in the areas of the abutments that hold the dome's pressure.

Following the recomended diving route, the hall is reached via the water lily tunnel in the northern area. It is really a side entrance a few metres from the northern end of the cave.

Camera position: At the deepest point in front of the eastern exit.
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Have fun exploring the scuba park which at this point was still dry.

The Cave of Light gets its name from the numerous holes in the ceiling.
The northern side of the very natural looking ceiling is supported by 3 pillars.
There is an additional large pillar on the southern side.

View from the western exit at the waterlily trench through the cave to the northern exit. If you enter the cave from here, you'll only see this short section. The main part lies to the right.
Before you lies the large cavern hall, supported by some pillars. The floor descends about 20m. At its deepest end lies another exit.
For now, however, stay inside the cave and follow the ascending floor. The corridor widens again; in the centre is a large pillar.

Left is another emergency exit. The cave walls converge toward a 1m wide and 3m high breach. This is the southern exit.
Dive Sites: Map of The Cave of Lights
The recommended route leads from the western exit, through the cave and out into the open again. Then along the outside to the eastern exit. If you want to, you can dive through the chimneys formed by the abutments.

Leaving the cave through the southern exit (left). In the centre of the image is a side entrance. Pass it to the right toward the ground.
Follow the left wall. At the bottom of the lake you reach a pillar that reaches 5m up and resembles a reef-like pillar.
On the left side of this recess is the eastern entrance that leads back to the deepest point of the southern cave.

The eastern entrance from the inside; at the top is an emergency exit.
The same spot after filling the lake. Visibility is more than sufficient.
View from this short side corridor to the cave's deepest point.

To the left is the large pillar in front of the southern exit.
Stay to the right and swim toward the group of pillars.
About half way up, to the side, is an emergency exit.

It leads to one of the large abutments that are hollow inside and open at the top.
Inside is a 2 x 1.5m chimney through which you can dive down.
View from below: Whoever comes from there always has preference! Therefore better feet first.

The chimney has a side exit. Swim around the pillar and keep the wall to your left.
About 10m further on you get to another pillar. This pillar, too, is hollow and allows you to get back to the main cave.
Opposite lies the western entrance though which you first came, to the left the northern exit, through which you now leave the cave.

The northern exit ends in a wide cavern.
From there a 2m wide gorge leads back to the ground.
Through a breach in the rock to the left you reach Crevice Hill.

Construction of the Light Cave was a very special challenge.
First we built a big 'cage' from mats of structural steel...
...which we then covered with stones and concreted.

Emergency exit and structural reinforcement for the lateral abutments.
The pillars were finally reveted.
Now the water could come...

...and make possible the beautiful light effects...
...cave perspectives and reflections...
...that make this experience unforgettable for scuba divers.