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Dive Season 2014

Begins April 19th 2014

Initially, diving will be limited to Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays.

Weekday diving will be possible once the current cleaning operation in the lake has been finished.

For this reason the lake is closed for diving during the week (also because 230V pumps are in use during that time).

The 1,700m² glass roof over the dive centre is finished, the floor plastered all the way to the water.

Opening hours: 9 am - 8 pm

Registration is required for late dives.



Single Dives
Only on weekdays!
First dive: 20.00 €
Second dive: 10.00 €
Saturdays and bank holidays: only day tickets
Day ticket: no limit diving

(Check in before 12.00am)

25.00 €
Saturday/Sunday: 35.00 €

Night dive surcharge (Only by prior appointment.)

15.00 €

Dive guides
for small groups or single divers. The lake can be very confusing and a guided tour will give you a much better diving experience. The dive guides only show you the way. They are not responsible for enhancing your safety.

Base price for the first participant of a guided tour: 40.00 €

for every further participant: 5.00 €

Brush-up dives for returners who haven't been under water for some time or who are insecure. This is the same as a discover scuba diving dive, only that the theoretical part and beginners exercises are less intensive and the dive with an experienced diver is longer.

This includes all equipment: 99.00 €

Discover Scuba Diving for Non-Divers
Guided underwater tour in company of an experienced diver. The theoretical introduction is limited to a few really important notes about equipment and correct behaviour. The Underwater Park offers ideal conditions for this. To start with you remain in shallow water with a diving instructor until you get used to breathing under water.
Then an experienced diver takes you through the gorge to the large sturgeons at the temple.

Discover scuba diving, including all equipment: 99.00 €


Compressed air

Tank filling, up to 200 bar: 45 cents/litre, i.e.

10 litres   4.50 €
12 litres   5.40 €


    per day
Suit   7.00 €
Mask   3.00 €
A limited number of masks with optical correction from -4 to +3 are available.
Fins   3.00 €
BCD   7.00 €
Regulator   7.00 €
Hood   3.00 €
Gloves   3.00 €
Boots   3.00 €
Weight belt   4.00 €
Suits, boots, masks and regulators are washed/disinfected after each use.
Tanks, full, approx. 200 bar
5 or 8 litre   7.00 €
12 litre   8.00 €
Only a limited number of 8, 12 and 15 litre tanks are available.
Complete set
includes full 10 litre tank
39.00 €

Discover Scuba Diving
Information about Discover Scuba Diving and a registration form are available in this PDF document.