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The dive centre is housed in the 1,500 m² Palmtree Hall. Everything is built in a Mediterranean/tropical recreation style. The glass house is up to 11 m high and lies on the shore of the lake. On sunny days most walls can be opened and the roof shaded.

Aerial photo of the Dive Centre
The Dive Centre lies on the shore of the lake
View of the Dive Centre from the lake
The Underwater Park looks like a perfectly natural lake

Inside the palmtree hall
The Palmtree Hall offers an exotic holiday atmosphere
The Dive Centre
Right next to the lake entry, protected from wind and rain
Divers in the Dive Centre
The number of divers is limited so it doesn't get crowded

Palmtree Bistro
Beneath the Dive Centre, the Palmtree Bistro offers food and drink
Dining in the Palmtree Bistro
Dining like you're on holiday: Beneath the Arches of the Palmtree Hall
BBQ Party outside the Palmtree Hall
We also do this: BBQ parties outside the Palmtree Hall