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In principle, the recommended tour will lead you through the caves. But if that is not for you, don't let yourself be forced into it!On the other hand: on the recommended route you will be introduced to the subject gently. In the 'Craterworld' area we have built short tunnel sections, not longer than 3-5m. That is never a problem. The larger caves are basically the same: you are never more than 5m away from an emergency exit.
The next emergency exit is a only a few fin-strokes away.
Safety: each cave has a chain of emergency exits.

Safety Rules for Diving in Caves

Whenever you dive in one of our caves you have two emergency exits. One of them lies in front of you and you can see light streaming through. However, you don't know it.
Careful! Not every source of light is an emergency exit.
There are also gaps in the rock simply for illumination. These are so narrow, however, that you wouldn't fit through even in panic.
When at an emergency exit you can easily see the next one (right) and light coming from the one after the next.
Narrow gaps aren't as bright as emergency exits. We have made sure the difference is very clear.

Normally the emergency exits are never further apart than 10m. The distance to the next one, hence, is never more than 5m: either 7m forward or 3m back. Please note that the distance can get a bit bigger if you swim to the other side of the cave.  After construction is finished, the emergency exits can lie inside stocks of water lilies with muddy ground. You can look around from the emergency exit, but never leave the lake through one. In case of emergency, you'd be picked up.
Outside the emergency exit is room for two people to stand or sit securely. Signs will be put there, too. You must not leave this area.
Emergency exit seen from the top. The low wall stops mud from falling through the hole. There is also space to stand on