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Scuba diving beginners in the lake
The scuba diving park is ideal for beginners' diving lessons
Diver and sturgeon in the lake
Diving courses are an interesting experience from the very start
Scuba dinving equipment
High standards: Equipment for rental is good as new and is washed and disinfected after every use

Dive Centre

The NaturaGart Dive Centre can call on a dozen diving instructors as well as on many dive masters, rescue divers, etc. Every year we take hundreds of discover scuba divers down to the bottom of the Underwater Park.
Many want to go further.

The way to go is:
Diving certificates are internationally regulated. The biggest European scuba diving organisation is CMAS, an association of national organisations. In Germany, a large number of diving instructors is organised within the International Aquanautic Club, to which the NaturaGart Dive Centre also belongs.

Diving in Nature

We are currently building a special training basin. Not a blue tiled swimming pool, but a place that allows you to see interesting fish from your first under water breath. During the entire beginning phase everything is geared toward safety: Safe spots to stand and sit, risk-free depths, continuous monitoring by a diving instructor.

Large underwater glass panes also aid monitoring. Many things are easier to explain this way.

Experience is Important
That is why we dive at least twice as long with our students than is actually required.

First Class Equipment

We have more than 100 diving suits. Equipment normally isn't older than 2 years, because if you get your certificate from NaturaGart you have a further advantage: Our students can purchase the slightly used equipment at a preferential price.This helps both: The dive centre constantly has new equipment for discover scuba divers and students can get their first kit for a bargain price.

Child in diving suit in the underwater park
If you stick to some simple rules, diving is so easy even children can do it
First contact with the water
Scuba diving students are constantly monitored by the instructors
Underwater statue of pharao
Learning to scuba dive in interesting surroundings. The Underwater Park is unique

Diving Certificate:

The leading scuba diving organisations have agreed on training standards which are mutually recognised.
The names for this basic diving certificate are:
Open Water Diver (OWD) or 1-Star or Bronze.

Beginners are familiarised with open water dives through theoretical and practical lessons. In order to gain some more routine, all students are given a coupon for two more days' diving, including rental equipment, free of charge.

Also, they can join a group for a guided tour in the Underwater Park. And even more: Members of the Dive Centre often travel to tropical dive sites. Often groups are organised which has the advantage of being able to dive with partners you know.

At the end of the course stands a theoretical and practical exam and a diving certificate that is valid worldwide.


Minimum age
14 years. Minors require their parents' or legal guardians' written consent.

Medical Certificate
Any medical doctor can issue a certificate of aptness for diving. Slight health limitations, however, are often overrated by doctors with no diving experience of their own. Especially trained physicians are often better able to judge and recommend limits (such as maximum depths, currents, etc.). Here is an overview of the effects health issues can have on diving ability.

A diving aptness examination is necessary every two and a half years, and once per year for divers over 40 years old. In any case, it is recommended as a routine check.

Course Outline

Theory (about 5 hours)
The most important subjects are:

  • Diving equipment
  • General considerations (pressure compensation, safety)
  • Dive planing
  • Environmental awareness
  • Hazards


  • General skills
  • Snorkel exercises
  • Clearing the mask
  • Buoyancy, drifting
  • Safety training
  • Diving to and donning equipment under water
  • Breathing through the partner's alternate air source
  • Diving to your diving partner without regulator
  • Controlled ascent
  • Five 30 minute dives with our diving instructors

Required Time

Nearly everyone manages to finish the course in one weekend. The course begins on Friday afternoon and finishes on Sunday evening. If you feel that this is too much for you, you can choose to extend the practical part over a longer period of time.

Total Price

including equipment, diving in the lake, book, IAC diving certificate, 2 extra days of diving for free, optional purchase of rental equipment at a discount
390.00 Euros

Optional CMAS certificate: 39.00 Euros

Special price for clients who purchase a NaturaGart pond:  350.00 Euros

Further Information

Diving in the Underwater Park in 2014 (PDF)