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This photo was made before the lake was filled.

The entry area is filling up: Later on the water is 1m higher than the walls. In the centre of the image the gorge, built with...
...large rocks can be seen. Up to 6m high, reef-like cliffs were built, planted at the top with water lilies.
A corridor on one side leads to the crater landscape: Vertical craters and short tunnels that remind of magma caves in volcanos. Here you can practice cave diving.

Safety: You are never more than 2-3m away from an emergency exit.
3 corridors stacked above each other. The top one leads to a short cave.
It falls 6m vertically down but can be exited through an opening in the wall.

After a stretch of open water through a valley, you reach a short tunnel that leads upward to the arcades.
Lateral openings allow a lot of light to enter the 20m long cave. Above the water is a large, air filled space.
After a short, crater-like valley, begins the well illuminated system of corridors of the eastern cave.

Emergency exits and light openings are never more than 5m away.
The middle corridor ascends slightly and leads directly to the exit.
To the right lies the double-cave: two tunnels with multiple connections.

Behind the cave exit rise great stone pillars from a narrow valley.
Large pillars have very roomy spaces that are easy to dive through.
At the valley's exit begins the avenue with the temple sentries : 3m tall statues of cat-like creatures.

Sturgeons can often be found around the temple sentries, sometimes up to 20, of which some are up to 5ft long.
These fish that somewhat resemble sharks have a toothless mouth and are very tame.
They readily approach quiet divers. Touching and chasing leads to permanent banning.

The cat statues escort the way to the temple with its 5m high hall of pillars.
The rearward part of the temple has been buried. Also, there are large holes in the roof.
Light streams in through the gaps in between the pillars causing beautiful effects.
Through a crevice in the rock you reach the lagoon with many fish among the rocks.
Opposite lies the water lily trench that ends at the entrance to the light cave.
This cave is somewhat darker. Emergency exits are on the sides.

When its sunny, narrow blades of light illuminate the cave.
The eastern entrance with emergency exit above.
The cave is followed by a narrow, steeply descending gorge.

The crevassed cliffs with their large rocks offer ideal hiding places for fish.
The maze of walls with its breaches in the water lily area resembles a labyrinth.
Balcony Bay consists of a large overhanging rock in front of which a sunken tree lies in the water.

Among the most spectacular sights in the lake are the beautiful light effects in the western cave.
Underneath the roof of the 'Hall of Mirrors' is an air bubble where extra light is reflected.
There is also a hall of pillars in this system of caves with a cathedral and 3 large pillars.

Diving also includes the thrill of a sunken ship.
The wreck has three rooms that can be visited.
Lots of light and three escape exits: The wheelhouse of the (converted) canal ship.