Drive you car onto the courtyard and unload your gear onto one of the carts provided for this purpose. Take your car to the main parking lot. No parking on the courtyard - that is the turning area for buses and lorries.

Follow the path into the Park. If you booked you get the latest access information with your confirmation. Otherwise use the doorbell at the Park entrance.

The way to the dive centre is marked.
On the courtyard you unload your gear - under no circumstances is it allowed to park there.
Driving access: red line. Way to dive centre: yellow line.

The path to the dive centre can easily be doen with 5cm wheels.

Because more than 100 of our carts have been stolen, we are limiting that service. Most divers already own one of those unexpensive, large transport boxes that easily carry all the necessary equipment. They can be locked and therefore used to keep your clothes during the dive.

The also often used buckets for cement are easily transported with a roller board such as are used for furniture.

The park entrance lies at the end of an avenue with palm trees.
Bridges lead through the pond landscape.

More than 300,000 tulips, daffodils and other spring bloom flower in April.
The road to the glass house ascends slightly
The dive center lies in an exotic palm tree hall