Dive Sites - Arcades

Dive Sites: Arcades

This cave is only partially filled with water so that you can emerge whenever you want. Light streams into the arcades from the side, through a stock of water lilies, bathing the area in an emerald green shine. There are further holes in the ceiling. The arcades are close to the land station. It is planned that visitors can view this cave from land. To this end it will stretch out from the lake's shore so that visitors can observe the divers and the light effects. We will probably also install some underwater windows at this spot.

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Have fun exploring the scuba park which at this point was still dry.

The arcades consist of a mighty construction with pillars that are integrated into the eastern cave.
Most of the pillars are really wall segments that keep the dome together.
Another set of pillars support the ceiling. The water reaches to the underbeam at the top left.

The narrow windows are about 1m high for observation from land.
View from the end of the arcades to the corridor and the entrance to the eastern cave (bottom right).
The arcades were a real challenge for the construction engineers.

The northern corridor (left) and the supporting construction of the arcades sit on a combination of liner and fleece.
Slowly the maze of walls grows upward. The arcades to the left. The crater that marks the entrance to the north corridor to the right.
Done: The outer form boards are still visible. A separate room for non-divers will be built there.